Lead Web Developer recruited

I’m very pleased to write that today we recruited Nick Jackson as the Orbital Lead Web Developer. Nick has worked with us on three former JISC projects (Total Recal, Jerome and Linking You) and was instrumental in developing http://data.lincoln.ac.uk. Nick’s work on developing and implementing a number of the tools we now take for granted at the University will be extremely valuable to the Orbital Project and we look forward to working with him and learning from him in his new role. He formally starts on the project on Monday 31st October.

First week meeting notes

Paul and I met earlier to catch up on where we are after the first week of the Orbital project.

We have:

  • Advertised the Lead Developer post. Interviews taking place Wednesday 19th.
  • Completed NOV/JD for Developer post, to be advertised 01/02/12
  • Arranged the Steering Group calendar
  • Met with Jill Stewart, Head of Engineering and most of Project Team for an informal briefing
  • Set up a recurring monthly team meeting
  • Started to put together a reading list
  • Started to arrange for accommodation for the project team
  • Written an article for the Staff Magazine
  • Set up a project website (needs more work)
  • Set up an issue tracker, code repository and project mailing list

We need to:

  • Set up initial meeting with Engineering users
  • Paul to contact Mansur Darlington (ERIM project) and DCC
  • Joss to write Project Plan for 26-10-11
  • Project Website needs work: member bios, press pack, etc. Check given examples.
  • Clarify MRD Programme objectives for everyone at next team meeting,
  • Book conference attendance: USTLG Workshop on research data and Warwick conference. Also, DCC event in Cardiff.
  • Joss to send Simon Hodson, JISC Programme Manager, the project template
  • Lead Developer to join JISCMail when recruited
  • Paul and Joss to book on Programme launch workshop on 1-2/12.

Where appropriate, I’ve added these to our Project tracker.

An Orbital project reading list

The Orbital project has now formally begun. As ‘lead researcher’, I’m making a start by building a reading list of material related to research data management.

In fact, we’re going to be setting aside offline reading mornings as a part of the project calendar, so that I (and the project team) have the time to read through the considerable literature around MRD.

The reading list is stored in RefWorks for the moment, at: http://lncn.eu/hmx5 RSS feed icon

If you have any suggestions for books, articles, or papers that the project team ought to be reading, we’d be very grateful.

Lead Web Developer post

The Orbital project formally begins today and I’m pleased to be able to write that we’ve just advertised internally for the post of Lead Web Developer. If all goes well, the chosen candidate should be in place and working on the project by the end of this month. The Lead Developer role is key to the project and will be working closely with myself (Joss Winn – Project Managers) and Paul Stainthorp, Lead Researcher.

This post is established within the Centre for Educational Research and Development (CERD) to work as Lead Developer on the JISC-funded ‘Orbital’ project. The Orbital project has been funded to develop, implement and pilot a new infrastructure for managing research data at the university. Further information on the Orbital project can be found at: http://lncn.eu/t48

Working closely with colleagues in the ICT Online Services team and Library, CERD has been successful in leading a number of innovative research and development projects that improve the use of technology in higher education and the University of Lincoln in particular. The new post of Lead Developer will work alongside colleagues in CERD, ICT and the Library to build on this recent success and contribute to the delivery of the Orbital project objectives.

The role requires extensive knowledge of the web and its attendant technologies and the software development and analytical skills to put this knowledge to good effect. In particular, candidates for the role should have demonstrable experience as both a producer and consumer of RESTful web services for large data stores.