First week meeting notes

Paul and I met earlier to catch up on where we are after the first week of the Orbital project.

We have:

  • Advertised the Lead Developer post. Interviews taking place Wednesday 19th.
  • Completed NOV/JD for Developer post, to be advertised 01/02/12
  • Arranged the Steering Group calendar
  • Met with Jill Stewart, Head of Engineering and most of Project Team for an informal briefing
  • Set up a recurring monthly team meeting
  • Started to put together a reading list
  • Started to arrange for accommodation for the project team
  • Written an article for the Staff Magazine
  • Set up a project website (needs more work)
  • Set up an issue tracker, code repository and project mailing list

We need to:

  • Set up initial meeting with Engineering users
  • Paul to contact Mansur Darlington (ERIM project) and DCC
  • Joss to write Project Plan for 26-10-11
  • Project Website needs work: member bios, press pack, etc. Check given examples.
  • Clarify MRD Programme objectives for everyone at next team meeting,
  • Book conference attendance: USTLG Workshop on research data and Warwick conference. Also, DCC event in Cardiff.
  • Joss to send Simon Hodson, JISC Programme Manager, the project template
  • Lead Developer to join JISCMail when recruited
  • Paul and Joss to book on Programme launch workshop on 1-2/12.

Where appropriate, I’ve added these to our Project tracker.