Tracking progress

Did you know that you can watch our user requirements gathering and see how Orbital development is progressing by following our Github and Pivotal Tracker activity? Here are the key links:

Orbital Manager (the front end) (RSS)

Orbital Core (the back end) (RSS)

Pivotal Tracker (RSS)

Updates are also merged in a single stream of activity on Splendid Bacon.

Internally, we watch all of this activity through Campfire, thanks to Hubot and a bit of plumbing. Commits to Github, new stories and other activity on Pivotal Tracker, fire off API notifications which Hubot (‘Zakia’), delivers to Campfire. Here’s what this afternoon’s activity looked like.

Watching Orbital progress on Campfire, using Hubot (Zakia)

Using a mixture of friendly APIs, asynchronous messaging and a chat bot provides us with a handy method of keeping track of what’s going on when we can’t all be in the same room.

An Orbital project reading list

The Orbital project has now formally begun. As ‘lead researcher’, I’m making a start by building a reading list of material related to research data management.

In fact, we’re going to be setting aside offline reading mornings as a part of the project calendar, so that I (and the project team) have the time to read through the considerable literature around MRD.

The reading list is stored in RefWorks for the moment, at: RSS feed icon

If you have any suggestions for books, articles, or papers that the project team ought to be reading, we’d be very grateful.