An Orbital project reading list

The Orbital project has now formally begun. As ‘lead researcher’, I’m making a start by building a reading list of material related to research data management.

In fact, we’re going to be setting aside offline reading mornings as a part of the project calendar, so that I (and the project team) have the time to read through the considerable literature around MRD.

The reading list is stored in RefWorks for the moment, at: RSS feed icon

If you have any suggestions for books, articles, or papers that the project team ought to be reading, we’d be very grateful.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Great to see this up and running. You’re right there is a lot to read. I would certainly prioritise the ESRC-DMP, and ERIM outputs as well as the OAIS guide.

    You have the RCUK and EPSRC policies: I’d recommend looking through the Funders’ Requirements on the DCC website and @sjdcc’s guide

    The three recent DCC How-To Guides are a must:

    Although some aspects are Australia specific, there are a lot of useful materials on the ANDS website, particular the researcher facing materials:

    Among the ERIM outputs, you should certainly read Alex Ball’s ‘State of the Art’ report, but all of these outputs will be important for your project.

    The Sudamih Project produced a very wide-ranging bibliography:

    And a number of resources of various types are linked from the Mantra Project wiki:

    You’re probably aware of the JISCMRD Outputs page:

    I shall be asking all projects to read the Report on Benefits from the First MRD Programme ( and to think about how they identify, provide evidence for, measure if possible and communicate benefits created.

    I could go on and on, but that’s probably plenty for the time being. I shall be very interested to hear of engineering focused items which you come across. You are probably aware that there are two engineering focused projects at Bath in the new programme, see the map for the time being:

    Going back a bit in time, the first MRD Call contains an appendix (E) with a bibliography of the reports leading up to the first MRD programme, this is more at the policy and infrastructure level, but useful nonetheless (particularly KRDS; To Share of not to Share; UKRDS; OECD; Skills, Roles, Careers etc.



    1. Thanks Simon.

      (I hope you don’t mind – I copied your comment over from my own blog to the one we’ve now set up specifically for the Orbital project.)

      Thank you for all the recommendations: immensely useful! I’ve added all your suggestions to the list (; making a start at trawling through them and abstracting out the most useful & relevant points to form a sort of project digest.

      Experience of other recent JISC projects has taught me the value of taking the literature review seriously, so that we’re not still uncovering relevant material three-quarters of the way through the project!

      All the best,


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