Orbital deposit of dataset records to the Lincoln Repository: workflow

Further to yesterday’s blog post about linking our CKAN datastore with our EPrints Repository (to allow researchers to deposit permanent, public, citable records of their datasets), here’s a fleshed-out diagram of the proposed dataset deposit workflow process.

At the moment, this assumes a one-time “fire and forget” deposit. At some point, we’re going to have to tackle versioning.

The original diagram is available on Lucidchart. See the table in my previous blog post for details of which data fields are involved in the process (i.e. passed between CKAN, Orbital Bridge, the DataCite API, and EPrints).

This is a proposal and still has to be road-tested. Comments welcome.

Diagram of the dataset deposit process

Stages in the proposed deposit process:

  1. User enters project metadata in AMS
  2. AMS creates project container in CKAN
  3. User creates dataset record in CKAN
  4. Nucleus adds user metadata to CKAN
  5. User deposits data in CKAN
  6. User presses “DEPOSIT DATASET” button in CKAN
  7. Orbital Bridge requests DOI
  8. DataCite API returns DOI
  9. Orbital Bridge adds DOI to dataset record in CKAN
  10. User reviews and approves dataset metadata (making changes if necessary)
  11. Orbital Bridge writes changes back to dataset record in CKAN
  12. Orbital Bridge creates a new EPrints record via SWORD
  13. EPrints confirms existence of new record
  14. Orbital Bridge writes EPrints record URL back to CKAN dataset record

High-level overview of University Research Information Systems (VRE:RIM)

As part of Orbital, we’ve started to seriously consider how RDM (Research Data Management) fits into the whole range of University systems to support research information. In some contexts (usually research support/administration), we might use the term RIM (“Research Information Management”); in other, academic, contexts, we might talk about a VRE (“Virtual Research Environment”) – but I prefer to think of both as functions of the same set of systems.

Below is a first attempt to model various University research systems and what information might be shared/pass between them. This is a first draft only and will be discussed/developed over time – it’s here for comments!

Screenshot of the VRE RIM diagram

It’s available to view on Lucidchart.