Orbital: AMS–CKAN–EPrints–DataCite

One important piece of work that we’re undertaking at the moment in Orbital is the facility to deposit the existence of a dataset, from CKAN and the University’s new Awards Management System (AMS), into our (EPrints) Repository via SWORD – at the same time requesting a DOI for the dataset via the DataCite API. The software at the centre of this operation is what we refer to as Orbital Bridge.

Here’s a diagram of how the various systems will need to link together.

Diagram of data flow between systems

The table below shows how fields may be mapped between systems. DataCite properties are taken from the DataCite MetaData Schema (v2.2). This is very much a work in progress! In particular, the red question marks (?) in the “CKAN field” column indicate fields that may not yet exist in the source system (CKAN). It’s in no particular order yet.

The following DataCite properties are optional, and we don’t intend to use them at the moment.

  • 3.1 – TitleType
  • 9 – Language
  • 12 – RelatedIdentifier
  • 12.1 – relatedIdentifierType
  • 12.2 – relationType
  • 13 – Size
  • 15 – Version