Orbital project team meeting: notes

Here are the notes of the most recent Orbital project team meeting (31 January 2013).

Present: Nick Jackson, Harry Newton, Paul Stainthorp, Joss Winn.

The project team discussed the following development tasks. The aim is for the following to be completed by the end of February 2013:

  • Demonstratable AMS-CKANEPrints workflow in Orbital Bridge (a minimal but operational RDM infrastructure);
  • Researcher dashboard to include projects and project metadata;
  • Users able to display and create datasets in CKAN from within Orbital Bridge (N.B. need to check changes to CKAN APIs between versions);
  • Demonstrator using the DataCite test API (until a budget is agreed for use of the live DataCite service);
  • Ability to publish dataset metadata to EPrints Repository, with a complete ‘publish’ UI in Orbital Bridge (to be tested on the University’s upgraded EPrints 3.3 Repository in March) – questions over versioning/locking of deposited metadata to be resolved;
  • Researcher dashboard to include analytics fom EPrints, CKAN, AMS, and bibliometric/citation services – add links to external profiles (Scopus, WoS, ORCID, Google Scholar) in the first instance. ACTION: JW to contact Planning to discuss reporting from the researcher dashboard (also data.lincoln.ac.uk; bibiometrics).

JW presented the Orbital business case to the University Senior Management Team on 14th January 2013. JW to work with the Dean of Research (Lisa Mooney) / Deputy V-c (Ieuan Owen) to discuss ongoing resourcing for RDM.

ICT are undertaking a cloud major scoping study, including RDM storage requirements.

The draft RDM policy is to be presented to the Research & Enterprise committee in April.

NJ, HN and PS are working on the display of RDM training and documentation in Orbital Bridge, with versioned text stored as Markdown in Github. Pages in Orbital can be linked to Github.

The next RDM training for postgraduate students will take place on 6th March 2013. ACTION: PS to embed a calendar feed of training events on the Orbital website.

Upcoming events:

Development roadmap

The first release of Orbital (v0.1) was on May 16th 2012. Orbital is a research and development project that has initial funding until March 2013. Given that timeframe, what follows is a high-level roadmap of where we expect development to go over the next few months.

We plan to release a new, working version of Orbital around the beginning of each month, up to December 2012, when we hope to hit v1.0. We plan to have a further point release in February, based on user feedback and then give ourselves a month to tidy things up and wind down this phase of the project.

You can read our implementation plan, check out our responses to user feedback and watch our project tracker for more details. The code can be downloaded here and here. Be aware that the roadmap may change at any time, based on user requirements, illness and natural disaster.

v0.1 (May)

See announcement. Authentication, user profiles, projects, upload of flat file data, a license picker, private and public archives, publish to the web, stable identifiers, download of flat files, analytics, and a way to give feedback.

v0.2 (June)

Documentation (for both developers and users), activity data, working/dynamic datasets + APIs, app access (OAuth), bug fixes, responses to feedback.

v0.3 (July)

User workspaces, version control, data staging (workflow), data snapshots, tools for basic analysis of datasets.

v0.4 (August)

EPrints integration (SWORD2), integration with Lincoln’s Award Management System (Worktribe), APIs for discovery, full role/permissions management, documentation.

v0.5 (September)

Plugins for third-party tools (e.g. Matlab)

v0.6/0.7/1.0 (Oct/Nov/Dec)

Network drive for desktop workspaces, full documentation for RDM, DataCite, ORCID, DMPOnline integration, improve design/branding, federated access.

Happy Christmas!