Final report

Click here to download a PDF of our final project report. The HTML version is below. Project Information Project Identifier To be completed by JISC Project Title Orbital Project Hashtag #orbitalMRD Start Date 3rd October 2011 End Date 30th April 2013 Lead Institution University of Lincoln Project Director Prof. Paul Stuart Project Manager Mr. Joss […]

Orbital training and documentation

I’ve been quiet—too quiet—about the Orbital project recently. While I’ve not been blogging, Joss, Nick and Harry have overseen several fairly important developments: The move away from using a datastore written in-house, toward CKAN software The development of the concept of an Orbital “bridge” application to tie various RDM applications together (VRE anyone?) The (alpha) […]

Release The Releases!

One of the things that Orbital set out to do is to prove that agile development of software and solutions can arrive at the same outcome as a more traditional ‘waterfall’ method of project planning. A big part of this is the “release often” approach to development, shipping new versions far more quickly than is […]

Implementation Plan

Introduction The Orbital Implementation Plan (WP6) is intended to be a synthesis of our initial user requirements gathering (WP5), an assessment of Engineering research data (WP9), an evaluation of standards and technologies (WP10), informed by a literature review of previous work relevant to the Research Data Management (RDM) domain as it relates the discipline of […]

Project Plan

Download as PDF: Project Plan. Workpackages 1.1  Project Summary The Orbital project will build on recent JISC-funded work at the University of Lincoln to develop, test and implement a state-of-the-art research data management infrastructure, piloted with the first purpose-built School of Engineering in the UK in over 20 years. Working with the challenging requirements of our Engineering […]