Team meeting notes: Winding down, tidying up, moving forward

We had a quick Orbital team meeting this afternoon. Not everyone could attend, but here’s what was reported:

Joss is writing up the final report for JISC and, along with Paul Stainthorp working with the Dean of Research and University Librarian to establish and resource a new ‘Research Information Service’. This service will bring together people, systems, and policy relating to ePrints, the REF, RDM, bibliometrics and scholarly communication. Joss presented this to the JISC MRD Programme meeting on Tuesday. The slides from the conference are below.

Joss and Nick will also be creating a screencast and advocacy materials to explain and promote the work of the project and new Service before the end of April, when the project officially ends.

Nick is working with the DCC on DMPOnline integration into Orbital’s ‘Researcher Dashboard’. He’s also documenting code and generally tidying up before the end of the project. He’s also working with ePrints Services to add a new user permission to allow the Researcher Dashboard to submit work to ePrints “on behalf” of someone else.

Harry has a one month extension to his contract to undertake some work commissioned by Janet, evaluating different storage services. More on that later in April.

Bev and Paul have been working on the upgrade to ePrints and attending to REF work. The data warehouse (‘Nucleus’) developed as part of the Orbital project looks likely to be used as a source of information for the REF, in particular the university staff profiles, which run on top of Nucleus. (Orbital/Nick, along with combined effort from two other JISC projects at Lincoln (Linkey/Alex Bebop/Dale), built a new university staff profile directory. Something that I keep forgetting! My example can be seen here).

RDM training for post-graduates continues each month and similar training for staff is being arranged through HR.

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