Notes from team meeting 23 February


Work on authentication complete. Blog post to follow. User authentication working over OAuth. API framework in place. Recruited Harry Newton as Developer on Orbital, starts end of March. Jenkins Continuous Integration quality assurance environment set up. Staff profiles producing RDF dump. EPrints integration awaiting work from EPrints Services.

Work packages

WP3 complete
WP4 complete end of Feb
WP6 complete end of Feb
WP9 complete end of Feb
WP10 complete end of Feb


Dev8D/CodeIgniter conferences (14-19/02). Helped organise both conferences. Nick presented on API-driven development, Lightning Talk on OAuth, part of data repositories panel, both presentations featured on Slideshare home page. Joss Chaired data.* panel.

Business case for open source (Lincoln, 07/03 am)

MRD Policy meeting (Leeds, 12-13/03)

RDM Policy drafting workshop (Lincoln, 02/04 am)

OR12 paper/workshop (05/03 deadline). API-driven development.

MRD HackDay (Manchester, 3-4/05)

MongoDB conference (London, 20/06). Lee/Harry.


Nick: Workshops on source control, testing, CI and deployment. 3rd week of March.

Nick: Documentation, write up tech review, data review.

Nick/Lee: Review choice of database.

Nick/Mark: Review security.

Nick/Bev: Meet to look at metadata requirements

Joss: Write Implementation Plan

Paul: Arrange meeting with Nottingham/ADMIRE project.

Paul: DAF survey

Paul: Lit Review by end of week.